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From the book Spider's Big Catch

Like many people, I've absolute I need to take off a diminutive consequence from the holidays-the holidays of six years ago. But I've never dieted before, so being a diligent kinda guy, I logged into my darling web browser for some advice.

I found 3,978,158,342 sites contribution help with bringing up the rear a few pounds. (In fact, I was so overwhelmed, I had to grab a sandwich ahead of even tackling the search. ) As a community service, I'll try to put in a nutshell what I learned, even if I may have gotten a barely baffled by some of the terminology.

Most of the sites spent large time discussion about calories, so maybe we must start there. As far as I could make out, a calorie is clear as the quantity of heat it takes to raise a gram of water from 58 degrees to 60 degrees Fahrenheit.

Immediately, that fact brought quite a few questions to mind. First, who categorical that? Why 58 to 60? That's not even hot an adequate amount to take a bath in! Next, if one calorie raises the high temperature of water 2 degrees, and the human body is 90% water, why don't millions of Americans boil over at some stage in the holidays, after consuming billions of calories at one sitting?

That characterization implies that a character ought to be able to eat a million calories a day, as long as he spaced them out, to avoid boiling over. You could eat, let your body cool back down, then eat a bunch more, and never gain any authority - it made sense to me.

That conception must be communal data to the world at large, which would defend why you so infrequently see associates boil over in public. But since I'm new to this dieting business, it came as exciting news for me.

It's amazing how one fact like education how calories are deliberate can make so many other effects fall into place. Based on that knowledge, one could offer an description for one of the strangest mysteries disturbing human beings -- spontaneous combustion. I'm agreeable to wager that if investigators cautiously tartan the area next to the easy chair where the victim had burst into flames, they'd find a half-eaten chocolate éclair or cream-filled doughnut. That last rush of calories was doubtless just what it took to send that poor person's body over the edge. The result? A pile of ash, and a half-eaten bear claw.

Based on my research, here's my recommendation: I call it my "Don't Boil Over" diet. You can eat all you want, as long as it doesn't be full of adequate calories to push your hotness above 212 degrees Fahrenheit. And be cautious not to drink too much hot stuff while you're eating, since you never know when you might be going too far.

And one last caution: by all means, if you smell smoke, back off!

There you have it. Feel free to pass it on to your friends, chiefly those who've looked like they might be fiery from time to time. Who knows? You just might be discount them the embarrassment of bursting into flames at the next minster potluck.

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