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Many ancestors have asked me what foods they must eat in order to cut down on the sugar cravings. And in the past I've at all times had to say "I don't know. "

Now, maybe I can in reality offer a little more hopeful.

Kicking a sugar habit is no easy chore, exceptionally since we're surrounded by the stuff. More or less every packaged food or convenience effect is made from sugar, (or white flour, which is about the same thing).

We struggle to overcome the early reluctance to change, then we live all the way through the two weeks of mild withdrawal symptoms, and then we have to worry about decline when we let down our guard on a nerve-racking day.

Sometimes it just doesn't seem fair.

Dr. Ron Rosedale may have the key for us. He says that our sugar cravings are linked with a leptin insensitivity. Leptin is that hormone that researchers were very excited about a few years ago. They bare that generous a small dose of this actual hormone to laboratory mice caused them to eat less, and they lost weight.

Researchers hoped that they could use leptin as the magic pill that would help obese patients get thin again, like those mice. But when they on track looking at humans, they found that heavy citizens often have more leptin than thin colonize - and obese ancestors more or less at all times have too much.

Eating too much decidedly concentrated carbohydrates over a long dot of time can cause an insulin inconsiderateness that can lead to diabetes and other healthiness conditions. According to Dr. Rosedale, it can also lead to leptin insensitivity, so the idea that leptin is distribution out ("stop eating") is not being heard by the chunky dieter. In fact, when we have a liptin insensitivity, we tend to crave even more sugar, even all the same our bodies are desperately demanding to get rid of, (or store as fat), the glut sugar we've just eaten a few notes ago. And we go on desire sugar, even years after we've given it up - like the cravings that many ex-smokers get when they're about associates smoking.

To combat leptin insensitivity, Dr. Rosedale fashioned a diet that is a lot like a cross concerning the Mediterranean diet and the Okinawa diet. Both those diets have been proven to help citizens avoid the big killers - corruption and heart disease - and they help ancestors live longer, more productive lives. Dr. Rosedale believes that these diets keep the leptin levels low, and this keeps citizens on these diets from aging as quickly.

He claims that just a few weeks on his diet (which is actually quite easy to follow) will put your leptin levels back where they belong, creation it easy to lose weight, and putting an end to the sugar cravings. It sounds like a complete elucidation - go on the Rosedale diet when you've made the assurance to give up sugar - your assurance makes it easier to stay on the diet for two weeks, and the diet makes it easier to give up sugar - for good.

The Rosedale diet includes lots of fish, for the Omega 3 fat, and is much senior in fat than most of us are used to. I've never been that excited about fish, but I'm tired of having to fight sugar cravings, even three years after going cold turkey. This is the first diet I've seen that is explicitly intended to adjust our body's corollary to sugar and other refined carbs, falling the cravings, and portion us keep the consequence off devoid of the continual struggle. From now on, I'm going to advocate The Rosedale Diet to my readers.

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Jonni Good is the creator of a self-help book to help associates addicted to sugar, and the owner of Stress-Free-Weight-Loss. com, which is overflowing with articles on natural, medication-free consequence loss.

Jonni's blogger can be found at http://www. howtothinkthin. com/blogger. htm

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