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"Hey, you have bargain now, compared to the last time I saw you!"

These are blonde words for a woman who is fat. This woman would not even have lost an ounce but this one makes her feel good. She decides to lose weight. The heavy ceremonial dinner gives her a good sleep and next day she is back to her old self hogging all kinds of food and being her lazy self!

Just tell a fat man or woman "You look fat" and you are a goner. No fat man or woman would like to use the word "fat". It is both "obese" or "stout" or "on the fatter side and if on diet I will reduce". There is an dislike to the word "fat". Be it also man or woman, both sexes have be converted into conscious of putting on credence but the basic challenge in plummeting consequence lies in the rigid rules, which they would not admire even for a dime.

Being fat often is the area of interest of mockery. The fatties are artificial to smile and put up with jokes on themselves and they are asked to be sportive when they befall the area under discussion of "mockery". The comedians in films often are huge people who love to be laughed upon! It is a cultural challenge that they be smiling while others mock at them!

The worst is about other associates who feel they have the right to guidance these poor things! " Be on fruits and vegetable diet for a month and see a remarkable adjust in you!! " they say. It is easier to counsel others. This guidance would be told on the table while these advisers hog all the food kept about them. "Try jogging" is the next. "Wait man, you befit fat and you jog on the roads while ancestors let out some cynical grins" The fatso thinks with gritted teeth!

The fatso goes home and thinks again. Self-control is the best approach and there be supposed to be some road to it. With self-pity and depression he curses himself, "I am a on foot environmental hazard!" But what act is taken? Nothing!

Determination and self-control is what is desired to lose consequence and check fitness hazards as bumpy food timing has be converted into a must for the younger age bracket who has to spend 90% of their days at workplaces. Are they aware that this no-breakfast, quick-lunch and having a big meal at night is disturbing their fitness adversely?

All we need is a half an hour to one hour walk and get your nose and mouth and hands off from these deep-fried and fatty foods and we will fare better!

HPriya Sivan


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