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Chubbiness acceptance and fat acceptance: another labels; same hazardous letter - weight-loss


Obesity acceptance, also known as fat acceptance, has a simple, appealing message. . . It's also a potentially lethal one.

There's nonentity wrong with being obese, argue advocates of this pompously pro-fat gospel. Led by the the General Connection to Build up Fat Acceptance (NAAFA), they accuse Western medicine of manufacturing the disease of corpulence out of thin air (no pun intended!).

This "propaganda", says NAAFA, fuels discrimination and prejudice alongside associates with obesity. This in turns produces millions of acute customers for the peddlers of prescription weightloss pills and surgical solutions, like liposuction and gastric bypass.

It's easy to sympathise with fatness acceptance supporters, chiefly if you share some of their reservations about many mainstream corpulence solutions.

But does that make them right when they say there are no checkup harms connected with obesity? Are they right to egg on flabby ancestors to accept their acclimatize with pride?

No. No. NO!

Sorry to shout, but I feel very clearly about this. The above letter is not only wrong, it's downright dangerous. I have faith in it's previously causing harm. If it grows more admired it threatens to bring misery, illness and even early death to many thousands of associates who could if not have led longer, recovered lives.

In fact, it's gem clear to everybody who has done even a diminutive delve into that chubbiness is a comprehensive communal physical condition crisis. Each year, taxpayers in countries about the world cough up billions of dollars to treat corpulence allied ailments. Tragically, hundreds of thousands of ancestors die.

These are bad facts. I can appreciate if a big name would instead put on a blindfold than stare them in the face. But I decline to stand idly by while they cheer others to adhere to their short-sighted example. In so doing, they condemn them to ignorance. They cut them off from solutions that could enhance their class of life, maybe even save it.

And I'm not chatting about prescription diet pills or surgery. There are many less extremist solutions, many proven biological fatness cures. I'm also not axiom we be supposed to seek to look like models on the covers of Vogue or Men's Health.

There is a promised land that lies among the the desert of corpulence and its ills, and the unscalable mountains of unrealistic beauty ideals.

It's a land where ancestors live balanced, good for you lives, having achieved realistic, personalised consequence loss goals. This land is possible with some expenditure of time and effort. Nobody meaningful comes exclusive of some sacrifice.

I urge those who hold out the beguiling, but deadly blindfold of flabbiness acceptance to think long and hard beforehand they deny others even the abundance of whether they want to set off on the road to this promised land.

Obesity acceptance is a controversial topic. Maybe you agree with my views. Or maybe you brilliantly disagree. Also way, I'd love to hear your opinion.

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Alan Cooper is a journalist with 20 year's come across and the publisher of ObesityCures. com, a site with the ambitious aim of being a "one-stop-shop" for evenhanded in order on flabbiness and consequence loss solutions - as well as fad diets, prescription weightloss pills and biological weightloss aids.


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