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The lost road of a disastrous gastric bypass surgery - weight-loss


In 1994, I had a RNY surgery. At 350 lbs and 26 years of age, I felt like my life was over, I felt like my partner and my child would be change for the better off exclusive of me. I felt like I could not face life at all. Aware that suicide was absolutely aligned with my pious beliefs, I had to find a clarification and find one fast to get out of this prison called a BODY. I heard from a associate about the RNY surgery and what it had done for her, she went from fat to great what seemed to be overnight to me. Inside, I was anxious to find what she had done, so I called her medical doctor in Michigan, yes I did no research, I had no idea what it was all about, all I knew is, what she had and the domino effect she had I had to have it, if it caused my life.

Long story short. . . I went to Michigan to have the RNY surgery. I was not scared until they wheeled me into the working room, it looked like a chop shop, not what I had been a custom to with prior surgeries, but I was down for whatever, I put my life in God's hands and I went to sleep. . . you know God watches over family and Fools.

I was not all set for what desperate changes and alterations that had taken place.

I had no sound ingestion advise, my doctor of medicine never said stay away from carbs ( what was carbs) , all I knew is that I would be thin in a fasten of months ( 7-15 month). I had no aid groups, no doctors in my area conversant on the RNY and doable risk and care for RNY patients. I didn't know I was not alleged to drink sods pop, I didn't know I wasn't assumed to eat and drink at the same time, all I knew is that I would be thin. . . . now I did hear but I did not exercise, drink a load of water, take vitamins daily, come for yearly check-up. . . . all I heard is that the credence will come off and you will be thin. I can't leave out I was told about the dumping but I was not told that it would stop, so as a hard head person, I ate sweets as much as could be tolerated, you know a candy bar here and there, a piece of cake here and there.

Two babies later( Dec. 1996 & Jan. 1998) I found that my 199 lbs body was in receipt of to tight for my clothes, and I was exchange better sizes even after the pregnancies, even when there was no baby associates attention I was pregnant. . . . Now revolving out of charge and wondering what went wrong, and so fast. . . I knew I had to do something, but what. . . . . . . I did not know, bear in mind no assistance groups, inadequate information, and new formula in my area ( I was only aware of the surgery being done in Michigan 6-7 hours away - one way).

Feeling lethargic and difficult to care for my brood and my wife I couldn't get a alias of my exhaustion and why I was not air like myself. Every meal after the pregnancy was a meal of convenience denotation a little that won't make me sick, and amazing that didn't demand me to be on my feet for a long time, so I opted for fast food, I ate pizza at least 3-4 out of 7 days, hey it's the only food I can feed a category of 8 for under $16. 00 for 2 extra large one topping pizza's.

Now the scale is tipping 250 lbs and every month I see a pound creep on here and there but, hey. . . I think I got this. . . . then I wake up from this dream with acute anemia, and 181 B-12 level, mild reminiscence loss, and all the old symptoms of Lupus (soreness, stiffness, and joint pain).

10 years wiser, I began to take my life back by using appropriate supplementation, and common physician visits, but why is the credence not appearance off, I'm taking down my food, I'm exercising, I even got a own trainer, and still a bit was wrong, and I became tired of going to the gym 2-3 times a day for 1. 5-2 hour a time.

I began to reach out for help, even despite the fact that I was shame when colonize found out I had a RNY quite a few years ago. I got sick of ancestors asking me what happen, your still fat, as if I couldn't see that every time I ran by the mirror. . . you know. . . . . . I was a diva from the shoulders up( I was continually told I had a attractive face), so I thought,. . . . . . but what about the rest of me. I was fooling myself, and every time I went up a departure of stairs, I knew that rest of me looked-for the interest that I gave my face.

After much soul probing and research, I absolute to have the lap band about my RNY pouch. I knew it was a equitably new formula but here I go again, that's what my companion said, then I would reply but I'm not that same old Lana, I'm 10 years wiser and I see the fault in me, and my general practitioner which cause me not be booming in 1994, so don't put me on the Chronicle conduct cause I got a new preview, staring the aware Lana who loves herself, and who has cultured that you don't get nobody in life for free. You pay for the whole lot you get and the whole thing you get you pay for( with regards to the WLS Surgery).


Mother of six who refuses to give up on her dream of being thin. I share my joy and be sad of my gastric bypass and credence loss surgery adventures.


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