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Some Say I'm Strange. I Favor to Think of In my opinion as Resourceful

If you'd like to learn how to attain condition chocolate, put it in a drawer and disregard it's there, learn to use EFT and NLP techniques to capture your emotional eating. That's what I've done, and it's such a freeing thing to be able to feel right with the world, be happy with myself, my shape, and not feel illicit by a bit like food. I eat what I want, but I do make an endeavor to make good choices (usually). For example, last night I baked a cake I made on Easter and fully loved (Better than Sex cake). This thing is nobody more than fair-haired cake, vanilla pudding and tons of whipped cream - not accurately diet fare, but when I can't get a a number of food out of my head, I customarily also make it or go and get it, and then fully enjoy it. That's what I mean when I said I eat what I want. So today, I have an complete cake in my refrigerator.

Did I have a piece of cake for breakfast? No. My spouse bought me some fresh local raspberries at the Farmer's Marketplace yesterday, and I required them so I had some on my muesli this morning. The cake sits and waits. When I was in the kitchen I noted the miscellany of last night's grocery shopping. I saw a huge, in isolation wrapped cinnamon roll on the counter. I just "knew" I was going to want to eat a touch sweet last night since baking the cake was bound to make me crazy so I'd in anticipation of forthcoming desire I bought the following:

  • One Giant cinnamon roll from Sarah's Bakery. (Oops, I weighed this bad boy and it's 15. 5 Oz! Just about a pound of dough and sugar - oh my).
  • Small container of Scharffen Berger chocolates. This a small amount clear box comes with 12 squares equalling 2. 1 Oz. In isolation wrapped. I put them in the drawer.
  • A dozen of my choice shortbread cookies which I put in a drawer in the kitchen. My wife will eat them if he sees them, so if he says a bit about "wanting a bit sweet" I wait to let him know they are there.
  • While examination a movie last night (Friday night ritual) I did start to get sort of hungry so I belief about what to do about it. I recalled how I'm ambiance much advance lately, in receipt of back to a accepted custom of exercise, and I just didn't feel like ingestion a lot of cookies. Yes, they were there, but I just wasn't in the mood to eat them. I had a pang of hunger, but I wasn't certainly hungry, it was just about midnight for crying out loud!

    So, I ate one of those chocolate squares - remember, they're cute small right? Well I ate it in four bites, charter the chocolate melt in my mouth. I take my time with chocolates and they assure me so much more than just popping it in my mouth, chewing twice and swallowing. I'm not in a hurry to get it over with.

    Discovering Lost Candy

    This crack of dawn I check my body fat and it just happens I keep my Omron Body Fat Analyzer in the closet on top of a available chocolates box from last Christmas. I certain to look classified the box since I attention there was one of those chocolates still available and I was bowled over to find two of those Christmas chocolates in there (Joseph Schmidt truffles - some of my favorites) and about eight squares of that very same chocolate I bought former times (Scharffen Berger). I forgot they were there.

    So, you see, I alias my cravings by exchange the foods I want, then putting them away and maybe ingestion them, maybe not. For me it's the need to know I can have what I want - and care a touch close in case of emergencies. I also know if I leave equipment out where I'll see them, I'm much more expected to conclude to have some, so I put them away. For you it may be different. Some of you won't want no matter which tempting in the house. That's okay too. We're all different. The only way you'll ascertain how you are is to tackle those emotional issues - the reasons you think you can't stop consumption after a handful or two; the reasons you feel like it's out of your control, or not your conclusion how much you eat, when you eat or what you eat.

    Wouldn't it be amazing to be able to buy your beloved food and leave it in a drawer long adequate to not remember it's even there? That's what it's like to not have an ingestion problem, and that comes from bountiful manually consent to enjoy food. You are worthy, you do deserve to be happy.

    My methods can help - I know as they've worked for me, and I truly have had a sweet tooth since I was a kid. I used to eat bag after bag of candy - I once had 11 cavities in one dentist visit!

    Kathryn Martyn, Master NLP Practitioner, EFT counselor, author of Varying Beliefs, Your First Step to Eternal Consequence Loss, and owner of OneMoreBite-Weightloss. com

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